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Prompting 2.0.

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The world of AI moves at lightning speed. Therefore, Prompting 2.0 is not only a follow-up but also a replacement for our much-loved “Prompting Strategies” course. There’s a certain elegance to be found in crafting prompts, but we contend that crafting single prompts isn’t the best approach to effective prompting. Good prompting isn’t just a chat, a rigid set of instructions, or merely talking to AI. It’s about entering a cycle where each round of interaction aims to refine and improve the outcome. This course will help you understand how to communicate with Generative AI effectively. Prompting 2.0 will guide you through proven strategies to combine the flexibility of conversation with the clarity of structure, designed to achieve better understanding and results. This course is created by LEGIT and is designed to help you unlock the potential of AI, particularly ChatGPT, in your work. The skills, principles, and strategies taught in this course are not confined to the realm of law. Anyone who wishes to better understand and utilize AI can significantly benefit from this course. Moreover, the insights presented are not just specific to GPT-4 but can be extended and applied to a range of GenAI tools and LLMs. Examples of topics you will learn during this course include: → Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) → Prompting → Prompt Iteration → Custom Instructions Please note that Prompting 2.0 is offered free of charge. As such, the course is designed to prioritize information dissemination over interactive engagement. Participants should consider this course as a series of resources rather than interactive e-training. This approach allows LEGIT to widely share insights without barriers, ensuring accessibility for all interested in advancing their AI communication skills.

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